This web site was created as a result of much collaboration with Ron Soulsby and Mary-Anne Duke (nee Soulsby).

Many hours or should I  say years of research has gone into locating the Soulsby's in Australia, since their first arrival in the Land Down Under. In 1989 a Family reunion was held in Rheola, Victoria, the base from where the Soulsby's branched out to every state.

John Soulsby (b) 1756 (d) 29 June 1834 of Swalwell buried Whickham aged 78 (m) Sarah (b) **/**/1763 (d) 1 May 1842 of Swalwell buried Whickham aged 79


George Soulsby (b)1791 (m) 12 Feb 1822 (by Banns) - St Michael & All Angels Bishopwearmouth - Margaret Curry (b) **/**/1788 in Chester - Le - Street Co Durham.

From humble beginnings some of the back ground information of our ancestors.

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Soulsby Family Tree

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George Soulsby came to Australia from the village of Hetton-Le-Hole, in County Durham, England. His father was a stonemason in this village which is part of the coal mining area of Northern England.
Jane Moroney came from Cone, in County Clare, Ireland, with her parents and at least one sister with whom we have maintained contact.
Both George and Jane were living at Jones Creek - Loddon at the time of their marriage. Jones Creek is a creek that runs through the township of Waanyarra It is located halfway between Dunolly and Tarnagulla in Central Victoria.
Waanyarra today is mainly State forest and farming property, but at one time a thriving township. George and Jane owned a one acre block in the township near the Recreation Reserve, the title was dated 6th June 1864. Six of their seven children were born in this area and Alice their seventh child was born in Stuart Mill.
My parents Albert and Florrie Soulsby have been an enormous help with out them a lot of this information would not have been available or it would have been a great deal harder to locate.

I have enjoyed the experience of tracing our families related to George and Jane Soulsby. It came as a surprise to me just how many of us there were.

My thanks must be extended to my husband Martin and children Gareth and Brett who have had to cope with paperwork everywhere, a few delayed meals, and constant chatter about family.

To Kate Smith thank you for all the letters she has written in my requests for information, it has been greatly appreciated.

Ron Soulsby who had the large job of reading my writing and typing all the information and being a good back stop. Thank you Ron.

Rodney Soulsby in Western Australia thank you for all the information you have supplied.

Finally to the all the families who have responded to my circular in 1986, without your help this Tree would not be as up to date as it is.

I hope you enjoy reading our combined research effort.
Mary-Anne Duke (nee Soulsby).
23 October 1987.